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Welcome to New Charter Technologies

At New Charter we are building a Dream Team of Managed Service Providers. Our highly successful entrepreneurs are at the table as key members of the leadership team, combined with experienced executive leadership, and a capital partner with a proven track record of success.

Continue Running Your Business, and Take it to the Next Level

Our partner companies are highly aligned, but not highly integrated. Our supportive culture and decentralized, coordinated structure bring scale benefits, financial depth, shared knowledge/resources, and accelerated growth. This is achieved while maintaining autonomy, culture, leadership, financial upside, and other benefits of running your own business.

New Ownership model brings unprecedented returns

The structure allows participating companies to fully participate in investment returns previously available only to PE firms. MSP owners take cash off the table and reinvest into New Charter in a single class of shares alongside Oval Partners. This results in higher returns than any individual business could achieve on its own.

Participate on Leadership Team that achieves Industry Prominence

The business owners comprise the Leadership Team at New Charter. Our highly successful entrepreneurs are involved in creating and implementing the strategy to lead the industry. We focus on the levers that drive Enterprise Value in this continuously evolving market.

Best-in-Class Managed Services Providers

New Charter companies are at the high end of financial performance and operational maturity. Through collaboration, sharing of best practices, and taking advantage of scale opportunities, the businesses perform at an even higher level.


The strategy for New Charter Technologies is to unlock the potential to scale our business to the next level through prudent growth strategies and operational investments.

“The industry is changing and evolving. We believe this next turn will provide even greater opportunity for companies that have the capability, capacity, and scale to take advantage. By partnering with New Charter, the right companies will have this opportunity.”

Mitch Morgan, CEO
New Charter Technologies, Inc.

Our Partners

Check back soon for an update to our growing platform of companies.

Our Investors

Oval Partners offers the operational capabilities and capital of a private equity firm, but the long-term mentality, partner orientation, and time frame of a private holding company. The Oval Partners team has a successful track record of growing businesses from $20 million of revenue to $500 million and beyond. To learn more about Oval Partners


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We seek partner companies that share our common characteristics and vision: businesses that perform, are always seeking continuous improvement, and the ownership wants to stay in the game